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We need a more UI-friendly group

From: abhimanyu0003 <abhimanyu@japanaddicts.org>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 19:24:33 -0800
To: <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Message-ID: <14a3c791039.e17fbb30345143.7274444536812426469@japanaddicts.org>
We need to keep a free-for-all-members track record system, a simple and common members database, etc. For this, I think the mail version is insufficient.

Lately, I needed reviewing of the content in Beginners section. Further, I needed to discuss the importance of Planning page, etc. But I was somehow discouraged from all this mailmessyness.

I propose a secret Facebook group, or a private Google+ Community, anything. We can have a forum too. It's much needed for monitoring purposes. Although IRC and mail are the traditional and efficient, error-free and full-compatibility interfaces that have always been used for technical purposes like this, what use is being WebPlatform, where we teach people how to learn web design smoothly and elegantly without the low-level details, and not using modern web interfaces for communication ourselves?

We need to tap into the resources internet has to offer us for making the internet better.

We teach seamless code and try to keep readers from getting nervous. Like when we tell people how to manufacture an HTML document, we tell them to do a &lt;p&gt;Text&lt;/p&gt; so that they think it's very simple. No one needs a train of low-level details in their face. And we're doing exactly the opposite when it comes to our communication, which is more important because we're doing the writing work.

Also, suppose a new member, with good literary skills and SVG or DOM knowledge, gets our membership. Won't this mechanism freak her out if she's no technical expert? To be frank, being a constant user of Ruby usergroups and TB, it still freaks me out.

A Facebook group, for example, would facilitate communication, real-time discussion and debates, internal chats, file-sharing, looking up of old topics, getting certain member's attention, troubleshooting, making of internal regulation docs, maintaining a track of members, enhancing interconnectivity of various members, etc.

If the proposal is worth consideration, we would need regulation norms. Whatever's once posted in the community cannot be deleted (except if it's inappropriate content). Thus, it will work like the mail system. We'll also have to pick admins, etc. And if we have a Facebook group, then who knows, we might even get fresh blood, because what I see on mails is far away from active participation of a lot of people.

One last thing, instead of a secret, we can make the group Open. Open to anybody on Facebook (which is internet's largest community). People can see the working, new members can easily get in and read the process of joining etc. Who gets in, however, will still be managed by admins.

Thank you, please consider this proposal with proper thought. The mail system can still be here, for sensitive talk. We just need more interaction so that work accelerates. Only the work, not our work mechanism. So the group would only work as a workstation with work-related talk, topics, and discussion.

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