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Meeting notes, 29 April, 2014

From: Eliot Graff <Eliot.Graff@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 20:07:27 +0000
To: "public-webplatform@w3.org" <public-webplatform@w3.org>
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Chair: shepazu
Scribe: eliot

Notes for community meeting, 4/29/14

TOPIC: Talking about browsers

TOPIC: Readiness markers
shepazu: Eliezer has a rough draft done. Jen refined it a bit.
Jen: Yep
AmeliaBR: Gave some follow up suggestions in mail.
<AmeliaBR> eliezerb you lurking here?
<+eliezerb> AmeliaBR: Yes!
Jensimmons: Talking about how information is displayed to users.
AmeliaBR: Keeping it simple for how it works for editors.
Jensimmons: The editors notebox. Delete it?
shepazu: ultimately not that important.
AmeliaBR: could have the notes visible only in the form view, for editors only.
Jensimmons: I want it to be a kind of metadata, out of immediate vision.
shepazu: If a page is ready, we shouldn't display anything. It's the normal state of the page.
AmeliaBR: But at this point, I could see an argument for saying the page is ready to use.
...the comparison I suppose is currently the flags. No flags is ready to use. Same with readiness.
shepazu: Yes, I meant on the reader view. All this info is in the editor view.
Jensimmons: Maybe our plan can be to figure out the technical limitations now. Work out details of how it's displayed later.
AmeliaBR: We can implement the form and have it displayed as plain text. Work on it from there. First have the functionality.
Jensimmons: Lose the word "page" b/c the content may get displayed in many places.
shepazu: may be confusing to what this applies to
shepazu: We sd be clear to our users that we're talking about the status of the article in the docs, NOT the API
Julee: Are we not doing the W3C marker?
shepazu: we are, but that's different.
eliot: we could wordsmith it. This "content" is ready, or something like that.
AmeliaBR: 1 related issue: we need clear definitions of the rediness states.
Jensimmons: We talked about that. We've not figured it out yet. It's a tough question.
<AmeliaBR> http://docs.webplatform.org/test/Property:State
AmeliaBR: I wrote up some brief samples and posted to IRC.
jensimmons: It's the middle states that are ambiguous. WPW pages, pages where some people are working on them, etc.
...Coming later can mean people have expressed intent to work. In progress and almost done, are "Hey, this is kind of done, and there's not much to do on this."
...but we might want to use it in different ways later on.
AmeliaBR: The main content that should be there is of good quality but there may be extra things added. That's almost done.
Jensimmons: Could be ready, but there might be a mistake. We fix it. Coming later means it's not ready, it's coming.
...hoping that it's not like a level of quality control.
AmeliaBR: Don't want to do something like the old flag list. Just need some definitions to use.
Julee: We just need to socialize it a bit.
shepazu: let's just update AmeliaBR's page?
shepazu: ACTION: Finalize the template
ACTION: figure out how this is displayed in edit and reading view
ACTION: refine the definitions and evangelize them
All on jensimmons and AmeliaBR
<AmeliaBR> And eliezerb ???
shepazu: Can this info pop up when someine changes the state?
Jensimmons: The dropdown can have short descriptions. Or a link that goes to the definitions.
ACTION on Eliezer: create linking mechanism to definitions

TOPIC: Compat table update
shepazu: Pat said he had some trouble building this thing. He'll be running it and get back to Doug.
...We should have data soon.
...Renoir working on an SSO
...I sent a mail about passwords.
...Nobody seemed to have a problem with us asking members to reset passwords.
AmeliaBR: Concern is to make it simple, clear, and all in one go.
...Renoir said it may not happen in one go.
julee: one of the side benefits is that there are a lot of spammers registering. Side benefit is to clear that out.
shepazu: hopefully, this might make it harder for spammers to create accounts.
jensimmons: What's going into the SSO account, anyway
...which accounts?
shepazu: For now, only the annotation system and the wiki.
....Maybe the blog, soon after, and then the issue tracker.
...they can then comment on blog posts.
...issue tracker's a higher priority, but it's quirky software, and we have to do it right.
...another component of FXA is a profile manager.
...we tried a SMW extension, but it kept breaking. FXA has a nicer profile system.
...This will let us more easily step out of SMW when we want.
...Renoir is working on this every day.

TOPIC: Summer agenda
shepazu: julee and I noted that user content contributions tend to drop off in summer.
...Maybe we can focus on infrastructure?
...Finalizing annotations, improvements to the wiki or other pieces of software.
...Focus on that as the main part. For content, shift to SVG.
...I've had some responses from the SVG community. Would like to have a content-specific meeting to tckle SVG.
...Does that seem reasonable?
AmeliaBR: I will send an email with a summary of changes I'd suggest for SVG.
...Cleanup tasks that could be crowd sourced.
...A small team could decide what the work should look like and then crowd source to community.
shepazu: Thanks for volunteering. :-)
...2 kinds of content.
...Reference pages. Tutorials.
...We should make our SVG samples REALLY beautiful.
...The challenge is that there aren't that many people who are expert in SVG.
...If we break it down into tasks, then anyone should feel comfortable talking about some aspect.
...Maybe create some simple tutorials, which would help get more people up to speed.
julee: What if Doug conducts some seminars online to get the community introduced to SVG.
<eliot>shepazu volunteers, I think, citing success of podcast with jensimmons
<+eliezerb> Some video tutorials like the one that Dave Gash did about CSS Properties
<+eliezerb> ops
<+eliezerb> Scott
AmeliaBR: Right now we have a list of tutorials. It would be great to refactor into beginners guide, designer info, etc.
julee: Some good intro tutorials on there.
...Pretty basic stuff. But it's outside of the SVG TOC/navigation.
shepazu: AmeliaBR, please send the email. We'll create a task force.
...I'm happy to do a tutorial (we should have tutorials first, though) in podcast, or Google Hangout, or whatever.
...we could mine questions from StackOverflow and see what questoins people are asking.
...2 tutorials right off the bat: How to make SVG autoscaling
jensimmons: seems like a lot of momentum around SVG right now. We're not in a vacuum.
<eliot> thinks we should link liberally to existing content.
shepazu: People are mistaken about what SVG is and can do. They don't necessarily make the leap that SVG can be styles with CSS, or that anything you can do (sorta) with HTML you can do with SVG.
julee: Ultimately, our prime directive is to be a 1 stop shop. We should be THE place to go for SVG.
...We can create a content plan.
shepazu: reference pages are helpful to beginners. Having on good tutorial is good, too.
...Let's do the most interesting stuff in SVG. Whatever level it's at.
julee: If people see designs and images that are forward thinking, they'll grok SVG more.
...We need to show things they would want to see on their sites.
...We need a good designer on this. It's as important as anything.
shepazu: Back to the flag markers.
...There was some agreement that we would mark pages as ready manually.
...Are we still on board with that?
Each person taking x-number of pages.
julee: Sure. We'd be doing a content review on all of the pages.
...the question is, can we get a sign-up list?
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