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I think is too simple and can be
It would be better if we at least prefix it somehow -*s/*some-short-thing
That would also be easier to disallow in robots.txt.


On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Patrick D'Souza <> wrote:

> We could prevent any short links being indexed under by
> Disallowing it in robots.txt. This way we can continue to use the url
> shortener in slides etc without it being indexed.
> On 04/23/2013 03:11 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:
>> Hi, Patrick-
>> As much as I appreciate Frozenice's many contributions, I feel the same
>> way about this particular issue.
>> Before the launch, I bought the domain for the same purpose, but I
>> was afraid of just this, that it would get indexed, so I didn't really
>> promote it. I wasn't sure that it would be harmful; I'm glas that someone
>> with SEO skills can speak definitively about it.
>> Lea pointed out earlier that Twitter has a fixed length for all links, so
>> the shortener isn't needed there, and in fact they use their own shortener,
>> so it would be doubly-redirected.
>> I do like the idea of shortlinks like to
>> for links in slides, etc. If Frozenice were to install his shortener on
>>, would that still hurt SEO?
>> Regards-
>> -Doug
>> On 4/23/13 2:59 AM, Patrick D'Souza wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> It has been brought to my notice that has been setup as a url
>>> shortener for urls. for e.g. 301s to
>>> .
>>> <**wiki/apis/canvas<>
>>> >
>>> This url has been indexed by Google and I don't like the thought of
>>> different urls pointing to the same content when a user is searching for
>>> canvas in a search engine. It dilutes the positive effects of a
>>> url.
>>> Sorry to be a little picky but we should avoid all such short urls which
>>> confuse a user and in turn result in duplicate content being served to
>>> search engines. I see the benefit of a url shortener as it can be useful
>>> in social media campaigns as well as brand promotion for
>>> I propose we use this url shortener on
>>> itself for e.g. which would redirect to
>>> Every 301 is one
>>> additional request for a user which is not good in terms of performance.
>>> I would appreciate if we avoid 301s as far as possible unless it's
>>> absolutely required. Always, keep it simple :)
>>> Any thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.
>>> - Patrick
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