Wire Frame for the web site

I have been looking, not very hard I will admit, for how I set the width of
my web page.  I have been wandering the beginner stuff, the HTML, the CSS,
and then I arrived at the Planning a website page.  It suggests that the
normal process behind planning a website is 1. Having the idea (we've got
that) and 2. Wireframing the site's layout.  Do we have a wireframe model
that I can view, especially for the beginner side?

Also, I would like to suggest an index that might be more intuitive for a
beginner.  We have an "Index of all HTML topics," but when I look there, it
is not clear to me where I can find information for how to set the color of
my text, the width of my page, or even something as simple as a first line
indent on my paragraphs, or justification of my text.  When I search for
justification, I get a dictionary definition, but am in no way pointed to
how I would actually justify my text.

David R. Herz

Received on Monday, 22 April 2013 18:47:07 UTC