Re: Proposed plan for university communications

Thanks, Eliot. I'll try and incorporate all of the bullet points in the
first list. Regarding the second set, see below. But, this pairing up of
students to mentors and programs is just in the early stages. So we'll have
to edit the email accordingly.

BTW, since you can't attend the meeting, do you think Millo would want to
attend? He had so many ideas at the February Doc Sprint.



From:  Eliot Graff <>
Date:  Wednesday, April 10, 2013 5:27 PM
To:  julee <>, ""
Subject:  RE: Proposed plan for university communications

Hi Julee.
Thanks so much for drafting that. I will unfortunately be unable to attend
the community meeting on Tuesday morning; however, I would like to provide
some feedback.
·        The subject for the email seems a bit forward. If we decide thatıs
OK, fine. Just want to make sure weıre overt here.

·        The stewards are usually listed with W3C first, followed by an
alphabetical list, IIRC.

·        The way the first paragraph is structured makes it sound like the
stewards are the primary focus in the effort. Oh, and we have a few
individuals, too. I think we should reverse that effort and emphasize the
community-driven nature of WPD.

·        In the list of what we offer students:

o  Give students the opportunity to work on a professional site and build
their portfolio

o  Encourage intercollegiate and professional collaboration

·        Rather than ask for permission for us to contact  students (sounds
shady) can we provide really good contact information and maybe testimonials
from other students?

Then this might be outside the scope of the conversation youıre proposing:
·        Who drives this process? For instance, if a university proposes a
few students, how do we decide who will be working with them or what
projects theyıll work on?

[Julee] I think this will determined by what projects we can get into place.
Doug applied to summer of code, but there may be a couple of other

·        What will we say about stewards offering internships or not doing

[Julee] These internships are not the same as those offered by companies.
Hoping to find at least one program we can hook into.
·        How do we decide who goes to which schools to talk about WPD?

[Julee] I was just going to sign you up. ;-) Seriously, TBD.
My 2 cents.

From: Julee []
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 2:36 PM
Subject: Proposed plan for university communications

Hi, everyone:


I just did up a straw man for adding university contacts to our news email

I'll add it as an agenda item to the community & recruiting meeting.







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