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> Hi,
> the reason why Wikipedia uses subdomains for each language is, that there is a completely separate wiki instance for each language. Interwiki-Bots then maintain the connections between the articles in the separate wikis. I imagine we don't want to maintain several wiki instances.

One is hard enough ;-)

> The easiest way to add a functional translations-bar to articles is to append something to the path, like it is done now. The only problem with our current solution is that there might be some name clashes (IIRC PhistucK pointed out that for example css/units/pt could be a redirect to points or a translation).
> Prefixing the language code should be easy enough (just move the already translated pages and tweak the language-related templates). Now just to find out what the best prefix is...
> Some prefixes that would make sense to me are "lang-" or some single characters like ! or something like that (we need to make sure this doesn't break page-name like pseudo-classes or wiki-stuff). Also don't confuse actual MW-Namespaces (like WPD:, Special:, Templates: etc. with just appending something to the page path.

Ok, so lang- or lang: would still be ok. The latter would not cause conflict with CSS :lang()

I would prefer lang than some kind of single character, as I think what we would gain in brevity we would lose in readability.

> Oh, and one more thing: this would also help with searches that filter by language, so one could easily find all .../lang-es (or whatever) articles.

good point!

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