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Hello Juarez,
Hi everyone,

I started some french translation yesterday. You can go to this page for
more information (Editor's guide) :
It is a wiki, so you can add pages like this : in order to translate the
Main Page into Portuguese and so on.
Be carreful there are some special page types for docs.

Thanks for your help!


2013/4/4 Juarez P. A. Filho <>

> Hey everyone...
> My name is Juarez and I am from Brazil and I am a Front-end Engineer.
> Just came in to the Web Platform Doc Sprint at Google San Francisco Office
> today and talked with Peter and July about the wiki and I am very excited
> to contributing with content, mainly translating the actual content to the
> Portuguese.
> So... How can I do that? Is there any common start step?
> Thanks in advance guys!
> Best Regards,
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