Re: Automatic Data CanIUse Prototype

Le mardi 02 avril 2013 à 17:14 -0400, Doug Schepers a écrit :
> I'm also interested in suggestions for the technical aspects... like, 
> what language or framework should I use to merge these data sets. PHP is 
> one option, but I'd also like to examine Node.js for this. Any 
> suggestions, especially from someone who's dealt with merging datasets 
> before, would be welcome.

I have some python code that merges data from caniuse,
and my own local data to generate the data included in my mobile-roadmap

The code is not really documented, so I'm not sure how useful it is to
you as-is, but I can probably spend some time working with you either on
this particular code or some other code, since the resulting stuff would
likely be useful for my own document as well :)


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