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Re: Editor's Guide for new volunteers

From: Doug May <intuedge@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 22:38:06 -0700
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To: Julee <julee@adobe.com>
Cc: Scott Rowe <scottrowe@google.com>, "public-webplatform@w3.org" <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Thanks, Scott and Julee.

Happy to step in and fix stuff myself as soon as I can grok where we're
going with the new volunteer on-ramp.  No point in editing at cross
purposes.  I tried "fixing" the topic_cluster page, but hit a couple of
snags and only succeeded in adding some todos.  I'm sure I'll have a better
handle on it after today's sprint.

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 7:10 PM, Julee <julee@adobe.com> wrote:

> Hi, DougM: I'll second what Scott said. And also encourage you to tackle
> some of this yourself. Regards. J
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> julee@adobe.com
> @adobejulee
> From: Scott Rowe <scottrowe@google.com>
> Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 1:34 PM
> To: Doug May <intuedge@gmail.com>
> Cc: julee <julee@adobe.com>, "public-webplatform@w3.org" <
> public-webplatform@w3.org>
> Subject: Re: Editor's Guide for new volunteers
> Thanks Doug, good observations here.
> The two guides intentionally point to each other. In the Getting Started
> guide we remind the user to go through registration by referring them to
> the Editor's Guide. In the Editor's Guide, we point them to Getting Started
> *after* they have run through all the preliminaries. I've changed the
> wording in EG Step 3 to remove the "circular reference" effect.
> I'm also going through the Editor's Guide to provide links into specific
> tasks in the Getting Started guide. See "Step 4: Review existing
> content"[1] for an example of how I'm doing this.
> Part of the problem with the lists in the Getting Started guide is rooted
> in the use of topic flags. There are cases where the page has the wrong
> topics, too many topics, or a combination of both. One of the uber tasks,
> therefore, is to go through the lists to be sure the pages are properly
> topic-tagged. I'd like to make this a task in and of itself, but it's hard
> to explain, and we really need to be more cogent on the use of topics and
> topic clusters. We've got a start with "Topics and topic clusters"[2], and
> to the EG Step 4 page, I appended a "Check the topics and topic
> clusters"[3] section.
> All of this is the sort of work anyone can do, to help build the Editor's
> Guide and the Getting Started Guide. The idea is to present a linear "do
> this, then this, then this" path for the user to follow, all the while
> cross-referencing between documents to support the user's efforts. To build
> out the pages, just put yourself in the user's shoes, as you have been
> doing, and fill in the holes as you find them. Note that very often the
> content you need to explain something exists (cf. "Check the topics and
> topic clusters"[3]) - navigation short-comings notwithstanding, and if you
> have any questions, just send a note to public-webplatform.org.
> Thanks, Doug, for spotting where we have run astray. Keep looking for
> stuff like that, and please don't hesitate to fix it.
> ~Scott
> [1]
> http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Editors_Guide/step_4_review_existing_content
> [2]
> http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Editors_Guide/step_6_author_or_upload_new_content#Topics_and_topic_clusters
> [3]
> http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Editors_Guide/step_4_review_existing_content#Check_the_topics_and_topic_clusters
> On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 5:52 AM, Doug May <intuedge@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, Julee, Scott.
>> Just going over this before the sprint, and noticed that we still point
>> people to http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Most_Wanted_Tasks (which
>> is obsolete, I believe) from
>> http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Editors_Guide/step_3_become_familiar_with_the_wiki
>> .
>> Both the Editor's Guide and Getting Started point to each other for where
>> to go first for how to get going quickly.
>> After Scott's careful arguments about why the long, consolidated Getting
>> Started page is good, the Editor's Guide seems overly fragmented.
>> It was still hard to find css stuff to work on.  Most of the stuff listed
>> on Getting Started is from apis, except for code samples, and a couple of
>> articles flagged for grammar.
>> DougM
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