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Dear Webmeisters:


I have a few questions/comments, and would like to know where to address
them.  One, I have been working my way through some of the CSS materials in
parallel with the HTML materials.  There are items for which I am unclear on
the explanation could be clearer.  I take for instance the Class, ID and
Combining selectors topics on the "Getting Started with CSS" page.   While I
think I have the class and ID parts figured out, I have no idea how the
combination plays out.  Also, I originally tried to apply the class to
individual text, but that did not work.  I saw the example where I can
redefine strong to be red, but I don't know if I can create any custom style
for selected text (but don't worry about that, I am sure that will come
along the way).  What I'd like to know here is what type of comments would
be helpful to advance the project.  For instance, do you want to know about
the bonehead things I try to do with the information given like trying to
color text with <class="example">target text</class>, or do you just want to
know about when things are unclear?


Also, where would you like me to comment on the overall plan?  In this case,
I am thinking about the three "Beginning with CSS" subsections.  They seem
to be discreet topics, but the introduction "What is CSS?" already has
specific instructional material in it, which are built on in the other two
and which one might miss if he had more of an idea what CSS is without
knowing its particulars.


Next, I don't understand why pages do not link to succeeding pages.  Am I
wrong to think that we can use some kind of tree structure, akin to nested
ordered lists, to define the overall scheme of pages and then have the wiki
automatically provide links to the following and preceding pages by calling
the next or previous document on the same level of the tree and updating all
of this every time a page is added or deleted?


Last, is there some reason we don't have an interactive cheat sheet and/or
glossary which gives the basics, but will link to full explanation of each
item, with syntax, explanation of same, and list of possible attributes or
attribute types that can be applied?


Last last, I figured out what <span> does, yeah!


David R. Herz

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Received on Tuesday, 2 April 2013 22:31:32 UTC