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Telcon action: Task management proposal

From: Jonathan Garbee <jonathan@garbee.me>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 21:41:37 -0400
Message-ID: <50947651.2020408@garbee.me>
To: public-webplatform@w3.org

Bug Genie [1] is what we should use for task and bug tracking.  Any 

Long version:

So, I tested a handful of software today that we could use to track 
tasks and manage bugs along with any other possible Project Management 
things we could need.  I'm very happy to say, I have found one awesome 
solution for us.  That solution is Bug Genie [1].

  We can use it for:
  * Bug Tracking
  * Tracking major content edits/additions.
  * Tracking actions produced through telcons (perhaps even the telcon 
discussion points themselves).
  * Perhaps more if anything else comes up that we need to track.

  * Super granular ACL (Access Control Lists).
  * Decent UI by default.
  * Very customizable.
  * OpenID support.

  * Pretty intricate setup.
  * Lots of features that aren't too useful to us since we aren't 
developing software.
  * UX is tricky at first to figure out (I will try to help by creating 
exact guides to help with tasks being done in the tracker).
  * Wiki "module" that is required.  So there is wasted links around 
going into the Wiki that aren't needed.

We can use the software to track just about anything we want to do. I am 
confident that by hosting this we can streamline all suggestions, bugs, 
requests, and tasks into one unified area. Keeping things very 
centralized, easy to administrate, and super simple to keep track of 

It would remove the use/need of discussion pages, comments, and these 
random pages that we have scattered about for tracking tasks along with 
the bugtracker hosted by W3.

  I am going to setup a test install on a public server early next week 
and import most of the bugs from one or two sections of the current 
tracker as example data.  This way everyone can try it out and see if it 
is worth pursuing to use.  I really think that we can use it for full 
project management for WPD and centralize a lot of information that is 
currently spread out among duplicated areas.

  If anyone has any questions about the software, or how exactly I think 
we would be using it, please ask.  I really think this is the best 
solution for us that fits the Open Source requirement.  If you also know 
of something you think would be better, please let me know so I can 
review it.


  [1] http://www.thebuggenie.com/
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