Re: Status Doc Sprint Berlin Feb 8+9 2013

Just a quick update on the doc sprint in a box.
I was hoping to get time during the doc sprint, but that did not work out
and it has been a crazy busy week.
Hope to wrap it up during the Xmas break.

FYI: Blog post about the great event last week coming soon (via Scott).

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 7:13 PM, Andre Jay Meissner <>wrote:

> A quick status on the first european Doc Sprint in Berlin in roughly 8
> weeks:
> * Eventbrite registration page complete (unpublished)
> * updated
> * Swag and location "branding" ordered
> * Working on physical "Starter Kit" to send out to community managers
> after the Berlin event, which will probably include location "branding"
> (Posters + Rollups to flag the location), Buttons, Stickers, a set of
> Shirts, and cool stuff to raffle as prizes ontop of that.
> As we're targeting the Berlin sprint additionally in specific to community
> managers we plan to provide them with a one-stop takeaway to host a Doc
> Sprint at their community. This includes providing them with the
> Doc-Sprint-in-a-box Peter is driving, and probably with a nice Doc Sprint
> Dashboard frozenice and me might hopefully pop up soon...? ;)=
> * Experts on site from W3C (Lea?), Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, HP, Intel
> ---> Urgent: please take action and ask around + let me know asap who can
> attend either one or both of the dates! Better today than tomorrow.
> * Any prizes you want to provide to raffle out and/or include in the
> "Starter Kit" to be raffled out by the multiplying communities.
> ---> not urgent, just let me know before Feb 8 what your organisation
> wants to toss in!
> REGISTRATION and ANNOUNCEMENT is planned for Thursday Dec 20.
> Let me know if there is anything you guys want to add or see changed.
> *Jay

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