Status Doc Sprint Berlin Feb 8+9 2013

A quick status on the first european Doc Sprint in Berlin in roughly 8

* Eventbrite registration page complete (unpublished)
* updated
* Swag and location "branding" ordered
* Working on physical "Starter Kit" to send out to community managers
after the Berlin event, which will probably include location "branding"
(Posters + Rollups to flag the location), Buttons, Stickers, a set of
Shirts, and cool stuff to raffle as prizes ontop of that.

As we're targeting the Berlin sprint additionally in specific to community
managers we plan to provide them with a one-stop takeaway to host a Doc
Sprint at their community. This includes providing them with the
Doc-Sprint-in-a-box Peter is driving, and probably with a nice Doc Sprint
Dashboard frozenice and me might hopefully pop up soon...? ;)=


* Experts on site from W3C (Lea?), Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, HP, Intel
---> Urgent: please take action and ask around + let me know asap who can
attend either one or both of the dates! Better today than tomorrow.

* Any prizes you want to provide to raffle out and/or include in the
"Starter Kit" to be raffled out by the multiplying communities.
---> not urgent, just let me know before Feb 8 what your organisation
wants to toss in!

REGISTRATION and ANNOUNCEMENT is planned for Thursday Dec 20.

Let me know if there is anything you guys want to add or see changed.

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