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> Hi, folks-
> I'd like to start the discussion about this here on the public list.
> * Are we looking to be date-driven or feature-driven?

I think we should shoot for a date just before W3Conf, which will give us just over 2 months.

Let's draw up a list of things we want to do by then, and then see if this is realistic. Then we can look to reduce the feature set to suit.

> * What criteria are we using?

4 groups:

bugs we need to fix

new features we need to add

level of content robustness we want to achieve (quality and quantity)

level of community engagement and satisfaction

Let's start fill in tasks under those?

> * What is our schedule?


> * Where should we track this?

Wiki/bug genie?

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> Subject: RE: Agenda: Web Platform Stewards Telcon, 14 December
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> From: Eliot Graff <>
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> Hi Doug.
> One thing I would like to talk about is what Beta looks like. What do we set the bar at for site performance, content completeness, community growth, internationalization, etc. If we have criteria for these, then we can estimate time until completion and therefore set a schedule. For each criteria, we can decide if we are firm or flexible in getting to beta, but without some specific goals, I am afraid that we're in a cycle of never ending ongoing work.
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