Re: A finished icon proposal for the WPD main topics

Wow. This is great! I'll add it to our agenda today in the Content
Meeting. A couple of question:

1. How do these pages relate to the global nav?

* Docs =
* Where do reference pages get highlighted in the nav?

2. In the email you reference, below
 you ask for topic domain leads for each of the major topic areas. Did you
get any takers? Are you still taking "general concepts" and CSS, and
looking for:

* beginners
* accessibility
* javascript
* dom
* svg




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Subject: A finished icon proposal for the WPD main topics
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>Hi all,
>Seb (day-ben-wah ;-) ) has been hard at work drawing icons for the major
>topics on WPD, and you can see a full proposal in two different colours
>in the latest attachment at
> Please let us know
>what you think.
>If I don't hear too much strong feedback against these, I'd like to
>implement these and the new topic major landing pages I've built up
> before Xmas, so we can have a strong base to structure articles on top
>of from next year. These won't be set in stone after that, but I'd
>suggest that we try to put *something* in place rather than discuss
>endlessly about icons and landing page structures.
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