Re: [templates] Listing pages

On 05.12.2012 19:08, Scott Rowe wrote:
> It would "Use page title instead of API_Name" - which currently doesn't seem to be working, by the way.

Fixed! Articles might need a purge, if the new column title doesn't show up.

I also updated Phistuck's Template:API_Listing_New with these changes.
(@Phistuck: what are the {{#set:Subclass_of="well"}} lines in there needed for?)

For Alex and others, the technical bits...

I had to create a new Template:Summary_Table_Header_Pages, this is the relevant part in Template:API_Listing now:

I tried with SMW's userparam first, but sadly that one doesn't get passed to introtemplate/outrotemplate, but only to template. :(

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