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Hey Jay*,

> Resending this E-Mail from today 8:15 PST - it did not go over the list
> for some reason:
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> (Sorry for the silence, have been flooded with other stuff for some time.)
> Our very first european DocSprint takes shape, I will hopefully be able to
> communicate a confirmed date and location before the DocSprint next week
> in Mountain View, which I will attend (even if only for the PM). Right now
> it *looks* like February 8 + 9, 2013.
> I hope Chris Mills can make that date as the "content facilitator" (I am
> the "logistics organizer" that day)? I've also invited a number of people
> including Hans-Christian Reinl and Christian Heilmann, so we're definetely
> not having a lacking of Chris'es at that gig. ;oD=
> Sébastien, you're in as well, right?

I'd love to.

> We plan to do two days for the sole purpose to have a party inbetween, and
> will put a strong focus on inviting community leaders to inspire them to
> replicate the event in their local communities (we might even have limited
> lodging). Of course the local standards focused groups are part of the
> gang to invite their communities as well.
> We still need:
> - Swag
Sorry, I don't think have this kind of thing ;) 

> - DocSprint specific artwork (if existant?) to print stuff
If it's not existing, I can help with this if I have some content and some things to do. 



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