Re: Mockups for the new main page and top level topic pages

On 6 Dec 2012, at 01:42, Julee Burdekin <> wrote:

> Great! (Thought we weren't supposed to use HTML, but definitely a great
> improvement.)

Yeah, that's just for the mockup. For the final thing, this would be handled by a form/template, I suspect.

> Wish we could make the Summary section go away. Or move it - below?

We should certainly get rid of the "Summary" heading, imo. It is fairly obvious that it's a summary of the page. Maybe we could just give the summary text in each case another implicit visual aid, such as a slightly darker background or something?

> Having the real map of what's available above the fold might help people
> move faster to their desired destinations.

I still think the summary and other short intro gubbins should go before the topic list - this just makes more sense in terms of the structure. Or do you think it would still work with the topics first? what do you think of these now?


And also, the concept of "above the fold" is becoming increasingly less relevant now people are using such a wide variety of screen sizes to view the web (I never liked it being applied to the web in the first place, but I know what you mean). People on mobile and smaller tablet screen sizes would not benefit from the topic map being "above the fold" anyway.

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