Introducing the Template Corps

Hi all,

We've discussed the idea of having a "Template Corps" for awhile--a group
of people who have strong working knowledge of how are templates are set up
and who okay new changes to them.

I've documented all of this at .

*The takeaway is: small tweaks to existing templates need a single SGTM
("Sounds Good To Me") from one of the members of the template corps. More
substantive changes (including new core templates, changes to form
organization, adding additional SMW queries, and information architecture
changes)  require a consensus of Template Corps members to agree on the
technical implementation strategy.*

Threads that are about templates should have "[templates]" at the beginning
of the subject line. If the amount of traffic to this list gets to high, we
may consider creating our own sublist.

For the inaugural set of members, I've included me (obviously), but also
Frozenice and Phistuck since both of them have already demonstrated strong
knowledge of our template structure and how to fix them.


Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2012 03:05:00 UTC