Re: Switching to Asirra or a better captcha?

I also wanted to mention that the math captcha should have the math
extension installed so it can load the TeX image. It might work better if
the math extension is switched to that.

I'm pretty sure we do not have this extension after looking at the version
here. <> Do we?

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 12:17 PM, Taylor Costello <> wrote:

> We've been getting spam account creation and some accounts that appear to
> be bots<>
> .<> I've
> noticed that we have been using this<>for registering a new account. I was hoping maybe we could switch
> to this <>instead.
> It's a little ugly and you might have to beautify it to make the it match
> the site well but it works a lot better for preventing bot accounts. Bots
> have a hard time identifying cats from dogs. They get past that math
> captcha pretty easily though. Does anyone have any better captcha ideas?
> I'm curious if anyone knows something that would work better or if you
> guys thinking switching it is necessary.

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