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Re: Wallet in Windows 10

From: Joseph Potvin <jpotvin@opman.ca>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 08:15:16 -0400
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To: Web Payments CG <public-webpayments@w3.org>
If I correctly grasp the purpose of the CG, even during the existence of
the IG and now the WG, it is to broadly advance the substance of the work
in ways that the IG/WG participants may not themselves be 'empowered' to
do, for all sorts of reasons.

Nothing at all prevents the CG from developing a thoughtful framework for
well-structured discussion relating to all manner of digital wallet
concepts, covering the full diverseity of digital wallet implementations.

Major commerical suppliers of competing digital wallet implementations may
or may not like the framework, may or may not use it to describe
themselves, but at least the broader community can describe and
differentiate their concepts and functional implementations more
pragmatically with a common ontology.

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On Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 7:36 AM, Asbjørn Ulsberg <asbjorn@ulsberg.no> wrote:

> 2015-10-21 12:07 GMT+02:00 Joseph Potvin <jpotvin@opman.ca>:
> > My suggestion is that we work to "understand what the various camps agree
> > and disagree about" in defining "digital wallet". I presume you don't
> > disagree with that! :-)
> I at least agree with this.
> > "We believe that one reason for this is that the digital wallet market is
> > fragmented and providers use incompatible programming interfaces.
> > [...]
> In my experience, this is true.
> > [...] The proposed standards from W3C will help ensure interoperability
> > of different solutions by standardizing the programming interfaces."
> I really hope it will, but only time will tell. I think we need Apple,
> Google and (now) Microsoft on board for a final W3C Recommendation to
> become a relevant industry standard. But I might be wrong.
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