Microsoft's Payment Plans

There is something funny about all these platform vendors' payment plans; they don't seem to target the Web!
Could it be because people don't use the Web?  But we do use the Web!

A more likely explanation is that the Web isn't ready for this kind of application, at least not in a way that matches what propriety "Apps" can do.

There are two solutions to that problem:
- Wait until the Secure Hardware vendors, The Payment Industry, Standardization Organizations, Google, Apple, etc. have "agreed"
- Introduce a minute extension feature allowing Browsers "calling" these more or less proprietary "Apps"

The W3C who believes that the world has an infinite supply of time and interest to spend on essentially religious issues ("The Web is Great"), have mentally settled on first alternative.


Received on Monday, 27 April 2015 05:29:35 UTC