Re: do we meet at TPAC 2014?

Dear Stephane,

Thank you for your efforts and for your clarification regarding the
process. Especially regarding the approval (or not) of the formation of a
Web Payment Interest Group (IG)  by October 16th.  The extension of any
early-bird registration would  be most welcome by some and I am sensitive
to the optics w.r.t. an on-going vote.

Nevertheless, please do bear in mind that any potential new members to the
W3C, who might join, if and only if, the new Interest Group is formed,
might well like the option to formally  participate in any inaugural
meeting of a  newly formed IG -- clearly that will be an important event.
Thus having some placeholder dates and venue, pending outcome of a vote,
would very much assist in managing all parties expectations and would, I
hope, not be controversial.

I look forward to the outcome of the W3C Membership and  Director's
decision. Even though, in my case, I regret that it is exceedingly doubtful
that I could attend on such short notice.


On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 2:36 PM, Stephane Boyera <> wrote:

> Hi Mountie, All,
> W3C Web Payments IG is going to meet at TPAC if the group is approved by
> W3C membership and W3C director by October 16. At this point in time we
> have received only positive reviews, so i'm confident.
> I'm working on extending the early-bird registration till October 23 for
> members of Web Payments IG to give a week after the announcement of the
> group for people to register. I will confirm this in the announcement of
> the launch of the group.
> Best
> Stephane
> Le 23/09/2014 06:58, Mountie Lee a écrit :
>> I think
>> listing the schedule at is
>> enough.
>> that is also part of w3c page and the first place I were try to find
>> schedule.
>> regards
>> mountie.
>> On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 1:48 PM, Manu Sporny <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     On 09/22/2014 11:41 PM, Pindar Wong wrote:
>>     > I'm sorry Manu but this meeting that you're referring to below is
>> NOT
>>     > on the schedule.
>>     Yes, this is causing a lot of confusion. I'm currently trying to get
>> W3C
>>     to at least list the meeting on the schedule, with the caveat that it
>>     may not happen if W3C member companies vote the Web Payments Activity
>>     down. Even if that happens, I plan to run an unconference session on
>> it
>>     and the Credentials work during W3C TPAC.
>>     Stephane has mentioned the meeting on this public mailing list:
>> webpaymentsigcharter/2014Sep/0016.html
>>     W3C is not supposed to list meetings that have not yet been approved
>> by
>>     the W3C membership (the vote is currently ongoing). I'm guessing that
>>     this is because some of the W3C membership may get cranky if W3C does
>>     something that hasn't been approved by them. Unfortunately, that
>>     approval will come on October 16th at the earliest, which is well past
>>     the early-bird registration deadline.
>>     > I guess people do things differently, but is there a venue or is
>>     > that also up in the air too?
>>     The venue will be W3C TPAC, but currently you either have to be a W3C
>>     member to attend, or show promise at becoming a member in the future.
>>     -- manu
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