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> Not sure if I trust Twitter or Facebook to do proper Identity 
> Proofing.
> Even over HTTPS?

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I think the point Eric is making is that high-stakes identity proofing
often requires you to show up in person at a government-run institution
or bank with government-provided paperwork to prove that you are who you
say you are... perhaps also providing retinal scans and palm-vein scans
in the process.

There are alternatives, like Skyping w/ a private corporation and
answering some questions about your background/history. That's less
high-stakes than what was said above.

One could make the argument that if we're going to get this digital
identity/credentialing stuff to work online that we're going to have to
figure out a way to do Web of Trust w/o requiring a physical presence to
manifest itself in the physical world in order to ensure that someone is
who they say they are.

In order to make pure digital identity verification work, we will
probably have to start generating a digital footprint online that is
fairly difficult for a bot to fake.

So, to Eric's point - what is there to stop a bot from gaming identifi?

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