Re: Credentials Community Group

I don't feel too optimistic about this effort.

This seems like a repetition of WebID-TLS, zero buy-in from the browser-vendors.

Without new stuff added to browsers I don't see how you can move the market.

Years ago I suggested creating a "Cloud Token":!topic/icf-members/Csyd1NWcmog

Unfortunately nobody liked the idea. When FIDO/Google did the same thing
with U2F, *the entire industry* from Microsoft to ARM flocked around it.
This is why browser-vendor buy-in remains the #1 problem.

BTW, the fixation with Linked Data is contra-productive, there are a lot
of use-cases that do not need or want to put credential data on the web.
I.e. credential data should always be possible to supply "in-line"

PS My take on the "Cloud Token" is not is just resting a bit :-) DS

Received on Thursday, 31 July 2014 07:44:00 UTC