Re: VOTE: Revised Payment Initiation / Wallet Web Payments Workshop Use Cases

No problem, I just was concerned about an unmanageable wave of +1's
-1's and comments. Call it an interim "state of things" to indicate
how close or far we are. (For my part, I'm a bit behind in checking
that the priority issues I'm concerned with are effectively addressed,
so the decisiveness of a survey seemed a good focus point, versus
ongoing email.)


On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 4:05 PM, Manu Sporny <> wrote:
> On 07/18/2014 01:08 PM, Joseph Potvin wrote:
>> Is anybody in this CG running an instance of LimeSurvey or
>> equivalent that we might conduct a more efficient poll on, or use
>> SurveyMonkey? (Or did I miss something about that?)
> Polls tend to kill conversation, and that was part of the reason this
> voting process was initiated via the mailing list. You can't have a
> back-and-forth discussion on a poll site. The only option is "leave your
> opinion here".
> It's important for us to let the people in this group comment on each
> item and then respond to those comments to make sure everyone
> understands what they're voting for/against (otherwise the poll isn't
> measuring what it should measure).
> -1 for setting up an online poll at this point, there's still confusion
> around what some of the use cases are attempting to do.
> Perhaps what we should do is just make all of this an informal poll, get
> the use case language into its final form, then do a poll. So, the order
> of operations would be:
> 1. Let everyone weigh in on each use case (next 2 weeks).
> 2. Refine use cases that need clarification.
> 3. Open an official poll to get the final tally.
> Thanks to Adrian for putting the Google Docs form together, looks good
> (plus the other options that Joseph mentioned). Tim, I'm reluctant to
> require everyone to get a WebID to fill out the poll - we want a low
> barrier to entry. We should ask people to put in their name when voting
> to prevent ballot stuffing (not that that has ever been a problem in
> this group).
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