Re: VOTE: Revised Digital Receipt Web Payments Workshop Use Cases

On 7/16/14 6:53 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Please +1/+0/-1 each digital receipt use case below in order to show
> whether or not you agree that we should try and attempt addressing the
> use case in the first iteration .... ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> Use Case: A payment processor tracks mandatory financial regulatory
> events and submits machine-readable information to a regulator-provided
> URL to automatically meet regulatory compliance.
> Use Case: A customer purchases access to a service on a vendor's
> website. Included in their digital receipt is a machine-readable license
> (rights and responsibilities) that indicates what kind of access they've
> been granted and for how long. The vendor can use this machine-readable
> license to enforce access to the service.
> Use Case: A vendor cryptographically-signs a standardized offer for a
> good or service. A customer purchases the good or service from the
> vendor resulting in a standardized, cryptographically signed,
> machine-readable, digital receipt that is issued to the customer. The
> customer or vendor may then use the receipt as a proof-of-purchase for
> the good or service.
> Design Criteria: Don't prevent a physical version of a digital receipt
> that can be verified, perhaps by printing out a QR Code on a slip of
> paper with some additional information.

+1 All above.


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