VOTE: Revised Digital Receipt Web Payments Workshop Use Cases

Please +1/+0/-1 each digital receipt use case below in order to show
whether or not you agree that we should try and attempt addressing the
use case in the first iteration of the Web Payments work. If you +0 or
-1 the use case, please specify why as well as changes that could be
made that would result in you +1'ing the use case.


Use Case: A payment processor tracks mandatory financial regulatory
events and submits machine-readable information to a regulator-provided
URL to automatically meet regulatory compliance.

Use Case: A customer purchases access to a service on a vendor's
website. Included in their digital receipt is a machine-readable license
(rights and responsibilities) that indicates what kind of access they've
been granted and for how long. The vendor can use this machine-readable
license to enforce access to the service.

Use Case: A vendor cryptographically-signs a standardized offer for a
good or service. A customer purchases the good or service from the
vendor resulting in a standardized, cryptographically signed,
machine-readable, digital receipt that is issued to the customer. The
customer or vendor may then use the receipt as a proof-of-purchase for
the good or service.

Design Criteria: Don't prevent a physical version of a digital receipt
that can be verified, perhaps by printing out a QR Code on a slip of
paper with some additional information.

-- manu

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