Re: Web Payments IG (Steering Group) Charter - Final Call for Comments

The charter includes this within its initial scope statement:

Web Payments terminology:

Identify and review existing terminology that has been established by a
variety of international organizations and standards. This includes e.g.
UNCITRAL terminology, World Bank Terminology, ISO20022 or ISO29115.
Adopt, refine or extend existing terminology(ies) to cover needs identified
in new use-cases or scenarios

Somewhere within the charter document, explicitly declare production and
maintenance of a deliverable, authoritatively versioned, normative glossary
of recommended and deprecated terminology as a goal and purpose of the
working group. This goal may be considered implied within "Adopt, refine or
extend" but those seem to this reviewer to be insufficiently explicit
internal-facing verbs.

This Official Glossary would be a third deliverable, with a success
criteria of references made to it in other documentation.

Claiming maintenance of The Official Glossary would give the WG a permanent
focus and reason to exist, and afford opportunities to reward volunteers
with intrinsically amusing debate on word choice as well as glory of
authoritative recognition.

Thank you

Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 16:59:24 UTC