Nigeria launches national electronic ID cards

Note: Nigeria is expected to overtake china in population by end of the

MasterCard is providing the prepaid payment element and it hopes millions
of Nigerians without bank accounts will now gain access to financial

"The card is not only a means of certifying your identity, but also a
personal database repository and payment card, all in your pocket,"
President Jonathan said at the launch in the capital, Abuja.

"I have taken keen interest in this project, primarily because of the
pervasive impact it can have on every facet of the socio-economic fabric of
our dear nation," he said.

According to Nigeria's central bank, about 30% of the country's 167 million
inhabitants have access to bank accounts, Bloomberg news agency reports.

"It breaks down one of the most significant barriers to financial inclusion
- proof of identity," MasterCard's Daniel Monehin said in a statement.

The Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC), which is behind the
rollout, is trying to integrate several government databases including
those for driving licences, voter registration, health insurance, taxes and

Received on Friday, 29 August 2014 15:29:18 UTC