Re: W3C Workshop on "permissions"

Hi Renato, 

I wanted to introduce to the group the Credentials CG[1].  This group was created through a process of analyses that resulted in the need to separate the Web-Payments and Credentials groups, as to attend to the needs of both areas more attentively. 

I’ve cc’d manu - chair of WebPayments, who may clarify further.

Within this sphere of work, is the need to consider aspects surrounding Privacy.  Some conversation has happened in this area already [3], and the purpose of my note is to highlight the existence of this initiative, and invite participation. 

One area i am particularly interested in, is the concept of ‘data rights’ or as may otherwise be communicated - ‘data safety’.  I understand the ODRL Community has been dedicated to this field of work for sometime, and invite your views on how best to use applicable knowledge generated by your group, towards the interests of successfully delivering the technical outcomes sought by the credentials community, and that of web payments.

Kind Regards,

Tim Holborn.


On 28 Aug 2014, at 11:40 am, Renato Iannella <> wrote:

> Dear all, I just saw this W3C Workshop on "Next steps on trust and permissions for Web applications"
> (3–4 September 2014, Paris, France)
> Is anyone able to attend?
> (and yes, I was "surprised" that nobody at W3C even thought of us :-(
> Cheers...
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