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From: Robin Wilton <wilton@isoc.org>
Date: 11 August 2014 17:10
Subject: [ISOC] Survey invitation: how do you keep your communications
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Dear Internet Society members,

There are often legitimate reasons why Internet users might wish to be
anonymous online, keep their communications confidential, or prevent others
from knowing which services they are using.

For instance:
- privacy
- personal security
- protection from identity theft
- protection of freedom of expression
- concerns about surveillance by governments or private companies
- concerns about potential repercussions for statements made in social
- concerns about conclusions that may be drawn about them based on what
they see and communicate on the Internet.

Each of these examples might require different tools and strategies. We
would like to collect your views, to gain a more complete understanding of
users' needs and expectations for confidential communications online.

Please participate in our short online survey at
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/confidcommunications . It only takes a few
minutes and will remain open until 26 August 2014. All the questions are
optional, so if there’s anything you don’t feel like answering, you don’t
have to.

You can help us gather more information by sharing the survey invitation
with friends and colleagues - it doesn't matter if they are "techie" or
not: we'd like a rich diversity of input.

Thanks in advance for your help with this initiative and if you would like
to share your thoughts or have questions, feel free to join the
conversation at http://connect.internetsociety.org

Robin Wilton
Technical Outreach Director - Trust and Identity
Internet Society

Twitter: @futureidentity

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