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Just picking out the two things that resonated the most with me during
this entire thread:

On 08/02/2014 06:38 AM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> Everyone has different motivations.  Personally, I simply was 
> searching for a technology that would handle my use cases ie 
> decentralized login and payments.  To my complete amazement, no one 
> had ever done that.  I never dreamed I would be following standards 
> work or interested in the semantic web.

On Sat, 02 Aug 2014 13:17:04 -0400, Kingsley wrote:
> I simply prefer to have a good standard, have applications/services 
> built using the standard (pre or post official stamp of approval).

Those that are involved in this thread have been involved in this stuff
for a very long time. Some more than a decade. We've all seen our share
of successes and failures, and the failures don't seem to discourage us
as a group, so we press on. We all want the Web to have much of this
"identity" and "value-exchange" (aka payments) functionality.

The Credentials CG is being setup to achieve one fairly simple goal:
Figure out how to store and transmit 3rd-party digitally signed
credentials over the Web. The solution should be as decentralized and
privacy-protecting as possible to prevent vendor lock-in, enhance
customer choice, and ensure freedom to control one's data. I imagine the
solution is going to be a mix of the work that all of us have been
working on for a while now.

That's it. The CCG is not trying to solve all of the technical and
societal problems related to identity on the Web. We have a specific set
of use cases that we're trying to address (plus a few more, I'm sure
once the group gets started):

If we address those use cases, we will have put a solid dent in the
overall identity on the Web problem. So, expect the work to be brutally
focused on reducing the use cases to a narrow set, and then addressing
those use cases with simple technologies based on AWWW principles.

-- manu

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