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Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Meeting - Bali, Indonesia 22-25 October 2013

From: pindar wong <pindar.wong@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2013 23:38:06 +0800
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Mentioned during 1 May call:-


Dates are still tentative. *Draft* proposal is below.




*Working Title:*  Emerging issues for fair trade and taxation of virtual
goods  *Concise description of broader thematic area of interest:*  High-level
international discussion of the trade in virtual goods addressing 4 broad
themes: 1 Appropriate regulatory regimes. 2 Micro-settlements,
micro-taxation. 3 Intellectual property (IP). 4 Jurisdiction and principles
of territoriality. A goal will be to ensure that no country/stakeholder
group is disadvantaged from the trade in virtual goods and the
opportunities of emergent digital trading hubs. The round-table will build
on a session held at the Asia Pacific regional IGF (APrIGF).  *Concise
description of specific issues or policy questions to be addressed:*
presented by: 1 Fair trade in IP: digital copyright exchange, value of new
licensing regimes (e.g. creative commons), exchange of digital assets (inc.
protection of heritage, piracy, other crime). 2 Crypto-currencies and
digital money: regimes to address settlements, taxation, laundering,
safeguarding consumer confidence and trust in a global regime. 3
Relationship between open Internet and open trade. 4 Issues of
jurisdiction: settlement, tariffs, taxation, liability, and scaling.  *Workshop
format:* Round table  *Description of other workshop format (if
required):*  Over
the coming months, topics will be developed through discussion with
roundtable members and then finalized considering the outcomes of a session
held at the APrIGF to inform of regional concerns. The round-table will be
a multi-stakeholder regionally diverse panel of international experts in
areas such as economics, online commerce (major firm and start-up), digital
money, copyright and licensing regimes. We request a 2-hour time-slot.
Preliminary proposal by Adam Peake (GLOCOM), Pindar Wong (VeriFi, Hong
Kong), Paul Wilson (APNIC)
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