Early Prototype -- Web App Market

Now that the RWW is starting to have social systems based on Web Standards
(REST, HTTP, Linked Data) I thought it would be a good idea to have a place
holder for apps that can be deployed to the Web.

The three advantages of this are:

   - Showcase some existing apps
   - Allow users to add more functionality to their social experience
   - Add payment technology so that authors can be incentivized more

I've started an early prototype for these two which I'll be fleshing out
over time.

This is a non commercial open website, donated to the community.  It's
based on wordpress to show a portfolio of apps.  And also the payswarm
wordpress plugin as a proof of concept for payments.  Currently payments
are working with the dev payswarm authority.

There are many app markets out there today,

   - Ubuntu app market
   - IOS App market
   - Android app market
   - Microsoft app merkt
   - Facebook app center
   - OpenSocial
   - Twitter apps
   - app.net
   - Chrome app store
   - Mozilla app store
   - 5apps

To name a few.  The hope is to make, via HTML5 and the Open Web Platform a
growing ecosystem which will be the intersection of app markets.

There should be no censorship, but spam and malware should be removed.

If anyone wishes to add apps, become an administrator or help develop on
the system, please email me for a password.

Next steps will be to start adding apps and work on the payments system.

Feedback welcome!  I'll send out more updates as things improve!

Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 19:27:00 UTC