(draft) Verifiable Claims Task Force Final Report and Presentation

Hi folks,

A rough draft of the Verifiable Claims Task Force (VCTF) Final Report
and Presentation to the Web Payments Interest Group (WPIG) can be found

David/Erik - I'd like to review if this is going to be acceptable
to the WPIG on our telecon tomorrow.

WPIG face-to-face participants are encouraged to review the report
before the face-to-face meeting and can do so now (as I doubt there will
be major changes between now and the meeting the week after next).

The documents are here:

VCTF: Final Report (draft)

VCTF: Presentation of Research Findings (draft)

The presentation can be found on the WPIG face-to-face Agenda here:


and more detail on the session can be found here:


All, we're looking for broad feedback on all the links above, so if you
have thoughts, please let us know what they are. I have also attached
PDF versions of the report and presentation to those that can't access
Google Docs from their work machines.

-- manu

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