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RE: Web Payments IG documents

From: <E.R.Fekkes@rn.rabobank.nl>
Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 19:11:16 +0000
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Nice work, Manu!
Though I think you are a bit careful on the estimate of features.

One doc I'm missing is the Glossary...

Best regards,

met vriendelijke groet,

Evert Fekkes

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Subject: Web Payments IG documents

I was having a hard time tracking all the documents this group is
thinking of producing, so I went through an exercise to try and map it
all out. Attached is a PNG image of the documents that I think we have
consensus on producing over the next 3-6 months, which include:

Web Payments Executive Summary - A short 1/2 page on what we're trying
to do here. It's an elevator pitch of sorts.

Stakeholder-specific Executive Summaries - A 1-page executive summary
for each major stakeholder, which are: Customers, Developers, Merchants,
and Financial Services.

Vision - a 3 page document outlining all the "motherhood and apple pie"
things we're working on like openness, ubiquity, level playing field,
reduced costs, innovation, etc.

Payment Architecture - 10-15 page document that outlines what we believe
the correct technical architecture is for payments via the Web.

Use Cases - 25-50 page document that prioritizes use cases that we're
interested in supporting.

Requirements / Features - A large document outlining what we believe the
requirements, features, and priorities should be for the payments work
at W3C.

Google doc is here:


Thoughts? Did I miss anything? Are we creating a roadmap document, or
are these other documents taking its place?

-- manu

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