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Re: [glossary] Glossary Reference completer

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 21:56:48 -0400
Message-ID: <5519FEE0.3030600@digitalbazaar.com>
To: public-webpayments-ig@w3.org
On 03/29/2015 05:24 AM, E.R.Fekkes@rn.rabobank.nl wrote:
> However, work has been done on the Glossary Reference 
> https://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/wiki/GlossaryReference

Evert, this is great! I think it's exactly what we need long-term.

I'm failing to get my action to write the code to automatically
integrate the glossary into the document. We do now link to the Glossary
from the Use Cases document:


That will be good enough for the FPWD, but we'll need to revisit
cross-linking to the glossary from the various group documents soon
after the FPWD goes out.

> I suggest to add a reference list as well as to point to the exact 
> documents where the definitions are taken from.


-- manu

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