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W3C resource in development: Recommendation Track Readiness

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 22:30:43 -0600
Message-Id: <76A84E21-D326-4016-B3D5-45FFB608C46F@w3.org>
To: Web Payments IG <public-webpayments-ig@w3.org>
Hi Interest Group,

The W3C Advisory Board (AB) is discussing a draft document:

 Recommendation Track Readiness

Excerpting from the “Purpose”:

  "This document lists criteria to consider when evaluating proposals to move specification work to the W3C Recommendation track.”

This is very much a document in development, but it may be useful in both directions:

 * The AB would benefit from hearing the direct feedback of groups, and whether the resource is a useful guide.
 * The IG (especially its task forces) can be aware of the general direction in terms of starting Working Groups that the Advisory Board
   would like to encourage.

I assume one can provide feedback via github pull requests.

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