RE: [use cases] Use Cases FPWD ready for Call for Consensus

Hello David,

I support the publication of the FPWD.
Congrats to all for this first deliverable!

Kind regards,


Van: David Ezell []
Verzonden: vrijdag 3 april 2015 18:22
Onderwerp: [use cases] Use Cases FPWD ready for Call for Consensus

Dear Web Payments Interest Group,

As part of fulfilling the W3C Process requirements for publication [1], I am seeking a group decision for the following proposal:

* PROPOSED: Request publication of the First Public Working Draft (FPWD) of "Web Payments Use Cases" based on the 3 April

    state of the editor's draft [2].

Please express your support or objections by noon ET on 10 April.

Please note that:

* This is just the FPWD. The goal is to raise broader awareness of the group's work and invite early review.

* This is a good time in particular to reach out to groups where we believe there are dependencies per our charter [3].

* Consensus is not required for this draft. We will seek to converge towards consensus over subsequent revisions.

* The content is likely to change, based on feedback from the IG and other reviewers.

We are planning for the publication on 16 April. For more information about the intended publication schedule, see:

To learn more about W3C publications requirements, see [4].

Congratulations to the group on reaching this important milestone, and many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the document through discussions and submissions.

David Ezell

(with thanks to Ian for composing this message)





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