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Hi Everyone,

I'm the Eccentric-dude that came up with the Eccentric-Authentication thing.

As I'm not a member of yet, please CC me, when you
want to respond to me. :-)

There might be some strong similarities between WebId-TLS and Ecca as
there were several people suggesting that.

Please correct me (cc) when I'm wrong.

What I read about WebId is that it is meant to manage a web of trust
between people that know each other, some way or the other.
Perhaps there is a mechanism how a stranger can become part of a web of
trust. (I haven't read that far into WebId yet).

However, my Eccentric protocol is designed to let total strangers
exchange public keys and communicate securely. For that I tie into
DNSSEC/DANE and a Merkle-tree based log service. Preferable p2p-distributed.

I'd love to learn of the similarities and differences.

With regards, Guido Witmond.

On 09/12/13 18:01, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> FYI: a couple of replies to this in the w3c webid community group (which
> is doing something very similar) ... maybe an idea to join forces and
> standardize?! :)

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> The concept of using an out-of-band channel to pass a secret during a
> key exchange is not new. :) I even wrote a paper [1] about it, a few
> years ago. 
> Andrei
> [1]

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