Formal WebID Teleconf Friday March 08 2013 15:00UTC

Hi - I am in Amsterdam this week and travelling, and so won't be able
to make it for this Friday's meeting. I therefore pushed the meeting over
to next week, with the agenda below.  If you would like to make adjustments
to the agenda please let me know.

Meeting Time:
Friday 8 March, 15:00 UTC, 16:00 Paris, 10:00 New York
full time zone information:
tel: +1-617-761-6200
irc: irc://


Meeting Minutes from last time

Vote of meeting minutes for last time


- ACTION-57 Andrei Sambra to remove redudant sections of TLS Auth Spec, based on WebID spec


- ISSUE-72: privacy consideration section in Definition Spec
  Proposal: open

- ISSUE-74: revised WebID definition must be flowed through conceptual spec, removing hashURI specificity
   Proposal: please rename and clarify before teleconf. Something along the line of 
   "remove 303 note from spec"

- ISSUE-71: Switch from URI to IRI terminology
   Discussion: is this ok? Does this help? Turn into action if ok. 
   If possible before the teleconf could someone mail a list of specs that use IRIs instead of URIs referencing this issue.

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