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On Feb 20, 2013, at 10:37 AM, Henry Story wrote:

> But this makes clear that even for HTTPBis there are still two HTTP Connections required to get from a non hash WebID to a WebID Profile:
> 1. The first GET on the WebID returns a 303 with a Location header
> 2. The second GET on the Location retrieves the Profile Document
> This means that the advantage of 303s with respect to caching of the content of 303s goes only so far as to allow a client to cache a 303 header (which means that the time to live of the redirect for example makes some sense) But the main inefficiency of redirects still remains. Even SPDY could not resolve this problem.

*Except* that the 303 redirect followed by a second GET is 
*not required*.

The server *may* return a 200 OK with appropriate HTTP headers
and such, which indicate that the original GET isn't being
returned, but the closest matching thing is -- and expressing
the URI and MIME type of that closest matching thing -- thereby
saving the second GET by pre-emptively delivering its result.

If absolutely necessary, I'll invest the time in scouring the
specs for where this is discussed -- but it's already been done
several times in several other groups, and I assure you, this
is there.



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