Re: Problem with Hash based Linked Data URIs

On 16.02.13 12:10, Melvin Carvalho wrote:

> Hi Kingsley, just trying to understand the problem better.  When I
> click, it takes me to
> the section of the GR vocab that is related to BusinessEntity (via html
> anchors).  What should it be doing?

That's only because you requested it from a web browser, if you get that
as RDF (via rapper for example) it will make a request to and instead of giving you the answer to
what you really want to know  (#BusinessEntity) it downloads the whole
ontology which according to rapper is 1834 triples. Everything after the
# is handled client side and does not even get through the webserver.

This is not handy at all when you start to write code, you get way more
than you wanted to know and it gets harder to implement local caching
for example. Did that done that, really no fun to implement properly
with hash based URIs.

So I'm really no fan of hash based URIs either, especially on bigger



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