non-normative notes

During the telecon we agreed that we should add a sentence in the normative text to say that notes are non-normative. We also agreed that the non-normative notes should be consistent with the normative text and that it's okay for non-normative text to use the same words as in the normative parts of the spec.

We also agreed to revisit the text of the note that follows the normative statement that says "downloadable font are only available to the documents that that reference them; they MUST NOT be made available to other applications or documents on the user's system". The proposed modified wording of the note is as follows:

The WOFF format is intended for use with @font-face to provide downloadable fonts linked to specific web pages. Therefore, WOFF files must not be treated as an installable font format in desktop operating systems or similar environments. The WOFF-packaged data will typically be decoded to its original sfnt format for use by existing font-rendering APIs that expect OpenType font data, but such decoded font must not be exposed to other documents or applications.

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Received on Wednesday, 6 October 2010 16:06:35 UTC