Re: Metadata Contridiction

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, 6:41:30 PM, Tal wrote:

TL> Hello WG,

TL> I'm working on the WOFF validator and I've come across two
TL> testable assertions in the spec that don't seem to square up with each other:

>> If the extended metadata does not match this schema, it is invalid.

>> In addition, vendors MAY include additional types of metadata as new elements within the metadata element, or as additional attributes of the elements specified here.

TL> Am I missing something or are these contradicting each other?

We discussed this today and yes, they were clearly contradicting each other. The second statement seems to be left over from before there was an explicit extension mechanism.

TL> Should the second statement make it clear that the only way to
TL> extend the metadata is with the extension element?

We resolved this by deleting the second statement entirely.

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