Beyond our research and feature set workstreams

Hi all,

As mentioned on the call Tuesday [1], given that we're having WebDX 
calls two weeks in a row, I'm proposing that we spend time during our 
call on Jan 31st to look beyond our usual status updates and take a step 
back at the broader picture of Web Developer experience.

I would thus like to invite you all to submit by email to this list by 
Monday EOB what topics lie beyond the scope of our current two works 
streams (research and feature set) - we would then review these 
submissions on Tuesday, and figure out whether and when these might be 
good additions to our scope, or how they might influence our current scope.

The goal is not necessarily to change drastically what we're doing or 
doing vastly more, but I'm hoping it can help us ensure we invest our 
resources where we can be most impactful.




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