Re: Rescheduling next week Meeting (Jan 17)

With my apologies for the repeated and sometimes contradicting calendar 
notifications that got sent to the mailing-list (*), the group's 
calendar should now be correct:


(*) I struggled to get the W3C's calendaring system to update the event 
entries as needed: I ended up with duplicate entries, tried to delete 
them, ended up with no entries, tried to rollback, etc. I probably don't 
have the right mental model for this tool ;) If for some reason you 
still have an invite for Tuesday 17 January 2023 in your agenda, please 
delete the entry!

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From: "Dominique Hazael-Massieux" <>
Date: 12/01/2023 12:06:37

>Because a number of participants to the WebDX meetings will be in transit next Tuesday due to an OWD/MDN F2F, Francois and I figured that it would be more productive to push our meeting scheduled on the 17 to the 24th, which explains some of the calendaring notifications you'll all have received.
>This means we will have two WebDX meetings two weeks in a row (Jan 24 and Jan 31st) - I'm offering that the 2nd meeting might be a good time to have more open-ended discussions on the Web Developer Experience in general, to identify potential new topics or approaches the group could explore.

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