[W3C Web Crypto WG] Take away from 11th of August WG call (mainly on NUMS curves integration)

Dear all,

This is a take away of our discussions held during the Web Crypto WG call. Please note that this does not replace the minutes available under http://www.w3.org/2014/08/11-crypto-minutes.html

-          Wendy reminded us the process to go towards Candidate Recommendation, highlighting the need to collect elements demonstrating that the WG discussed sensitive bugs *and* shared with the bug reviewers their decision (ideally having them happy). Wendy and Harry mentioned that we still have few sensitive bugs that the WG need to address. Note that the exhaustive list of 60 open bugs related to Web Crypto API can be found here : https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=web%20crypto&list_id=42115

-          The WG discussed the way to move forward on the integration of NUMS curves into the WG deliverables. The options discussed were based on following scenario : addition of NUMS curve via an extension, inclusion of NUMS curve in the main mains spec as feature risk, postponing our target candidate recommendation to expect CFRG recommendation, dropping all NIST algorithms in our main spec. All options informally voted, including the option not to make a decision now, collected objections or massive non-happy expression.

-          Short summary of the informative votes : working extension as a separate case (2 objections by Harry, Bal), working on the feature at risk in the main spec (2 objections by Richard and Ryan, via delegation vote), working on not making decision (3 times “-0.5” vote), delaying the deliverables by 6 months (1 objection by Richard and a lots of unhappy people).

-          The question on which option would mandate a return to Last Call was also discussed (which would delay by few weeks again the Candidate Recommendation migration), and needs further discussions.

-          The WG did not have time to address the curve25519 case, neither bug related to extensibility mechanisms.

-          It was discussed that IETF / CFRG algorithm recommendation would happen during IETF#91, beginning November.

-          It was stated at the beginning of the call that the chair would trigger call for consensus via email to progress on the sensitive bugs.

-          The next call to follow up on that discussion will be on the 25th of August at 20:00 UTC, usual bridge and irc

In the meantime all conversation, alternatives, driving us toward consensus will be appreciated…

Chair of the Web Crypto WG

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