[Bug 25839] Curve25519 Named Curve


--- Comment #57 from Trevor Perrin <webcrypto@trevp.net> ---


Here's a proposal for an ECDH-CURVE25519 algorithm:


Since ECDH is simpler than signatures, I wanted to work through this before
tackling Ed25519.  But I was thinking of SCHNORR-ED25519 on similar lines.

If people like the naming you could name other algorithms like ECDH-NIST,

JWK private keys are supported via the "oct" type, as it's a key "whose value
is a single octet sequence".

Public keys are only imported/exported in raw format, not JWK.  The JWK "EC"
requires SECG for encoding, and requires X and Y coordinates, so is not
suitable for X-coordinate-only ECDH like Curve25519.

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